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Prepare for the Unforeseen

The future is unpredictable. No one can truly take full control of what may happen today, tomorrow, or the next few minutes. This is why it is imperative that you make preparations for your loved ones should any unforeseen events leave you incapacitated.

Let Karen Hamilton Law help you protect your assets and provide your family with the same amount of financial stability even when you’re not around anymore. If you are unable to travel to our offices, we will gladly come to you. Our legal team drafts the following documents:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Living wills and trusts
  • Funeral instructions and final agreements
  • Survivorships
  • Beneficiary form filing
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate avoidance
signing a last will and testament document

Powers of Attorney

These documents are written authorizations that allow your chosen individual to represent or act on your behalf in private affairs, business, or other legal matters, sometimes against the wishes of other personalities that you specify. As the person authorizing another to act on your behalf, you are the principal, grantor, or donor of the empowering document.

We draft the following powers of attorney for our clients:

Be Proactive

Planning for the future has become an essential part of today’s society. By thinking and acting ahead, you are removing any questions as to what your wishes are. With an estate plan in place, your loved ones would know your intentions, estate, and dependents.

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